EndoSan for Livestock Farming

The modern farmer faces a constant battle against new pathogen borne diseases and is having to fight it with fewer biocides in the armoury. With the introduction of stricter regulations, many traditional biocides can no longer be used and need to be replaced by an alternative, powerful, environmentally acceptable disinfectant.

EndoSan disinfection is a very safe and effective method for removing the risk of parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses. It can be used for infection control, algal growth prevention and biofilm removal as well as for sterilising rinse and washing waters. Using EndoSan to provide a sterile drinking-water supply to animals encourages growth, reduces stress and allows the development of healthy animals. Sterile water also allows vitamins and medicines to be delivered more easily, and ensures that there is no possibility of ingress for pathogens and viruses that could increase mortality.

“We trialled EndoSan over a two year period (5 crop cycles) at two sites, each with 8 sheds. EndoSan was dosed into sheds 1-4 on each site and sheds 5-8 where not treated. The weight gain per crop was between 8-10 tonnes based on the additional weight per bird and the reduced mortality rate (equivalent to 1500 extra birds per crop). This extra weight provides an extra income as high as £10,000 per crop.”

UK Poultry Producer

Example application areas:

Disinfection of animal drinking water

Removal of Biofilm from drinking water systems

Surface, floor and wall disinfection

Equipment disinfection

Enclosure/Habitat fogging

Claw and Hoof hygiene

Egg production biosecurity


If you have any questions regarding a specific application or a potential use of EndoSan please dont hesitate to get in touch.


For further information please request a copy of our dedicated EndoSan for Livestock Farming brochure.

EndoSan Agriculture Brochure

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