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Although water is a critical resource for profitable livestock production there has been surprisingly little research done to better understand how its use can be optimised. Biofilm and micro-biological contamination within livestock drinking water and systems can have a dramatic effect on animal performance.

Optimising clean water availability for livestock is absolutely vital for enhancing production efficiency, a key requirement in today’s competitive market.

Commercial Livestock Water Disinfection


  • Increased water consumption

  • Lower mortality rate

  • Reduced antibiotic usage

  • Optimised delivery of water soluable products

  • Improved animal health and increased weight

  • Drier litter and reduction in scour

  • Compatible with acids

  • Unblocks and keeps drinkers clear

  • DEFRA Approved Disinfectant

  • Halal certificated

Water Disinfection

EndoSan is easy to use due to it’s very low dose rate. This is the best FCR we have achieved in 12 months which is also reflected in the very dry litter we have seen. We have also seen our best ever EPEF when we have had that amount of mortalities. The EndoSan and acid combination that we have used has had a dramatic, positive impact.


National Poultry Farm

Poultry drinking water disinfection


Easily neglected when cleaning and disinfecting, water systems and the lines to the animals require a through and constant santitation program.

The design and configuration of water systems can easily assist the profileration of biofilm and bacteria. Dead legs, blockages and low-flow areas are all hazards. Add to that any increase in temperature and organic material in the water and contamination is guarantueed.

The variability and dynamics of water systems create cleaning challenges but all can be overcome with planning, advice and the use of EndoSan.

Pig drinking water disinfection


The water systems used in many livestock production units are increasingly relied upon for delivering various water soluble products to the animals. Whether it be vitamins and minerals or medication the delivery of safe, accurate, effective and measurable product dosing is at the forefront of modern livestock production.

EndoSan assists with the delivery of these products by ensuring the drinking system is free of contaminents that would negatively effect the active elements in the product and provides high quality, clean water to the animals that is free of tainted odour, colour or taste.

Constant dosing pump


EndoSan constant dosing systems can be seamlessly fitted into any livestock drinking system. Installation is simple and quick and the continuous dosing of EndoSan, at very low required dose rates, ensures water is protected in an automated and controlled manner.


24/7 automated protection

Low maintenance and cost effective

Proportional, metered dosing

Low chemical warning alerts

EndoSan Constant Dosing


Poultry drinking water disinfection case study

Poultry Drinking Line Case Study

Dairy farm water disinfection case study

Dairy Farm Water Treatment Case Study

Livestock drinking water disinfection brochure

EndoSan Livestock Product Brochure


Easily calculate how much EndoSan you require


Easily calculate how much EndoSan you require


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