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A health club’s top-of-the-line fitness equipment, can be a draw for new members, but ensuring it is kept aesthetically and bacterially clean is a critical responsibility.

The spread of germs and viruses through contact with water and equipment is a serious health concern. Oil and dirt left behind by users on gym equipment can quickly spread viruses such as MRSA whilst water and surfaces in and around swimming pools can carry disease & infection.

All premises that contain any purpose built water systems, such as cooling towers, swimming pools, hot and cold water systems require well planned water treatment disinfection and shared equipment and surfaces that come into direct skin contact should be cleaned regularly to minimise risk.

EndoSan is a superior disinfectant that it is environmentally-friendly and has the ability to remove biofilm in a safe, non-toxic and ecological way. It can be used for a multitude of applications and uses an innovative ‘green’ biocide that allows Facility Managers of training grounds, stadiums and medical departments to save money as well as improving their organisation’s environmental profile. EndoSan is a water-based, infection control solution that is safer, more cost-effective and user-friendly than chlorine.

“The water quality in the ice baths, used by over 2500 athletes during the London 2012 Olympics was protected by EndoSan. The tested water passed 64 tests a day (carried out by staff and representatives from Dept. of Health) with zero reported athlete infections. Thereafter, regular water testing was carried out by the Department of Health, of which passed 100%. As EndoSan passed all water quality tests this meant that all provided baths were able to be kept in operation throughout the games.”

Ice Bath Supplier

London Olympic Games 2012

Example application areas:

Swimming and Hydrotherapy pools

Hot tubs, Spa’s and Saunas

Ice/Sports Baths

Changing/medical room disinfection

If you have any questions regarding a specific application or a potential use of EndoSan please dont hesitate to get in touch.


For further information please request a copy of our dedicated EndoSan for Sports and Leisure brochure.

EndoSan Agriculture Brochure

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