Delivery Methods

EndoSan boasts a variety of delivery methods for all areas of disinfection. Our dedicated team of technicians ensure the most efficient and effective method of application is used. This selection depends on the industry, type of challenge and user preference but always assures best practice in health & safety compliance.

There are four delivery methods that can be used to maximise EndoSan efficacy:

Constant Dosing

Dosing pumps are a simple yet reliable means to ensure a regulated amount of chemical is dosed into any system. We offer a full certified range of dosing equipment for all areas of industry.

Our complete dosing solutions are ready to use and can be implemented without heavy installation costs. Our ‘Smart dosing’ technology will automatically adjust chemical dosage to correct levels and record and track usage. Using the right measuring and control technology can help lower costs by optimising metering of fluid chemical.


Spraying a fine disinfection mist/fog into any closed area is a well recognised and effective method to ensure total coverage of surfaces and treatment of airborne bacteria. The size of the droplets are small and when applied in the correct proportion (to avoid 100% humidity) reaches all exposed surfaces evenly and precisely.

Our range of fogging devices are offered to suit various applications and we also provide instructions for use tailored to customers’ existing solutions and practices.

Surface Disinfection

As a leave in place disinfectant, EndoSan has numerous advantages over traditional disinfectants. Downtime is dramatically reduced and less chemical is needed to disinfect surfaces.

For surface disinfection, EndoSan can be applied using standard spray delivery methods for application on walls, floors or equipment.

Manual Dosing

Adding EndoSan manually is a simple and inexpensive way to disinfect without purchasing dosing equipment.

Full advice and support is available to ensure the correct dose rate is calculated for any given application.

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