The EndoSan Electrostatic Fogger employs advanced technology to deliver highly effective room disinfection

Highly effective biocide suitable for air, surface and water disinfection combatting the spread of Coronavirus
EndoSan for Legionella Control & Water Hygiene
EndoSan for Commercial Livestock
EndoSan for Horticulture
EndoSan for Maritime & Shipping
EndoSan for Food & Beverage
EndoSan for Healthcare
EndoSan for Sports & Leisure
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Fogging is the process of using large volumes of air at low pressure to transform liquids into tiny droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. These Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets are perfect for the application of a disinfectant like EndoSan.

Electrostatic fogging gives the EndoSan droplets a positive electrical charge when they pass an electrode positioned at the nozzle of the device*.

Electrostatically charged droplets repel each other giving better dispersion of the EndoSan solution. They make strong and quick contact with surfaces providing consistent coverage. These benefits improve optimal disinfection economy and fast turnaround of disinfected spaces.


* The charge is applied to the surface of the water molecules in the droplet, not on the active ingredient. The charge has no effect on the efficacy of the EndoSan disinfectant solution being applied.
Electro-statically charged EndoSan droplets repel each other giving better dispersion.
Electro-statically charged EndoSan droplets make stronger and quicker contact with surfaces.

Electrostatic Fogging devices provide better dispersion and coverage than standard/non-electrostatic foggers.

Electrostatically charged droplets provide less dripping and pooling of liquid compared to standard fogging, which is better for reaching difficult access areas due to dispersion.

Positive charged droplets are attracted to charged or neutral target surfaces, which ensures uniform coverage with the droplets in the mist/fog. Charged droplets resist joining into larger droplets on the treated surface.

Standard fogging appliances can deliver very small droplets that passively deposit on surfaces based on the direction of spray and the effect of gravity, which may result in uneven coverage.

The EndoSan Electrostatic Fogger is:

  • CE Approved and independently validated.
  • A high-quality product designed in the USA, made in the UK.
  • 230V mains powered with 5 meter power cable.
  • Equipped with precision nozzles for consistent coverage.
  • More economic using less chemical via ULV technology.
  • Ideal for rapid room turnaround, saving time and money.


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