Marine and offshore service suppliers, Star International posted a great article on LinkedIn regarding the successful use of EndoSan to control Legionella on-board large ferries. Below is a reproduction of their article, also you can click the following link if you would like to read more about EndoSan use on-board shipping vessels.

Star EndoSan Case Study for Legionella Control aboard a large RoPax (Roll on/ Roll off) Ferry

In February 2016 a microbiological Examination carried out by a local Public Health Authority as instructed by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, (MCA) revealed excessive CFU (colony-forming unit) counts of bacteria in the water supply of a large ROPAX (roll on/roll off passenger) Ferry, owned by one of the Worlds leading operators.

The ferry’s water quality was deemed “Unsatisfactory” and the Ferry’s day to day operational duties were severely disrupted, leaving the operator facing considerable costs and loss of earnings until the problem was resolved.

The Vessels Operator searched the marketplace for a solution and a Chlorine Based technology was utilized and a super Chlorination of the system was implemented, but did not produce the desired results due to its in-effectiveness at removing Biofilms and its corrosive nature.

EndoSan was identified as a potential solution due its proven efficiency for removing Biofilms and its non-corrosive attributes and its ability to achieve results at low concentration doses.

It was decided that EndoSan50 would be implemented, and it was Shock dosed into the Vessels fresh water supply which is 450m3, this is split across two water tanks. (40lts into each tank).

Water samples were taken before and after the introduction of Star Endosan in the vessels water supply. These results were sent off to the Laboratory used by the Public Health Authority for in depth analysis.


Following the Disinfection and Flushing procedure’s it was mandatory to prove the water quality was now in line with regulations to release the Ferry from dry dock. The vessels water system had been removed of any traces of Legionella and the Port Authority were satisfied the operator had resolved the situation.

It was proven that EndoSan is a far superior biocide than Chlorine based technologies and thus removed obdurate biofilms where super chlorination could not.

EndoSan is now being constantly fed into the vessels water supply via an automated Dosing system using a signal from a water flow meter to ensure proportional chemical dosing,to prevent regrowth of bacteria and Biofilm whilst being safe for Human Consumption.

The installation of the Guardian Pulse Plus dosing System has also allowed the Vessel to maintain a clean system with a fully sanitised safe water supply onboard.

EndoSan is 100% Alcohol & Chlorine free and is non corrosive, odourless and tasteless making it the perfect environmentally sound Biocide for water treatment onboard all Shipping vessels.


EndoSan Constant Dosing System