EndoSan sets sail with ferry operator roll out.


EndoSan Ferry Operator Rollout


In October 2016, working with our marine partner Star International, one of the world’s leading ferry operators continued its roll out of the EndoSan technology across its fleet.

Controlling the microbiological quality of water and minimising risk of hazard exposure to
passengers aboard ferries and cruise liners can be a difficult task. The same high-risk contamination
areas exist when compared with controlling water quality in a building, however on board a marine
vessel it is much more complex.

A few examples of the complexities that are faced are:

  • Multiple sources of water (varying in quality, temperature, etc.).
  • Physical layout and configuration of water storage and distribution systems (more areas with
    a greater potential for low flow and dead legs).
  • The stagnation risk of stored water due to the working cycles of the ship.

With the likelihood that passengers will be on-board for extended periods (increasing potential
exposure to contamination) the task of implementing best practices to meet regulation and protect
public health is a real challenge.


Overview of Benefits EndoSan delivered


  • Removal of Biofilm and water contamination.
  • Compliance with EU legislation.
  • Minimal system downtime.
  • No risk of corrosion to water system.
  • No risk of harmful by-product exposure.
  • Automated, constant protection.
  • Odour, colour and taste free – undetectable.
  • Marine industry recognised solution.


European Commission

As a result of water sampling high TVC’s (Total Viable Count) were detected with 2180 and 1240 CFU’s (colony-forming unit) per ml found in the cold outlets before disinfection. According to the EU’s drinking water standards, Council Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption, the microbiological for CFU/ml is required to be 100/ml at 22°C and 20/ml at 37°C.


In this case the use of EndoSan for biofilm removal and water quality control reduced CFU counts way in excess of EU regulation down to a level that is less than the threshold the laboratory analysing the samples can test to (<10 CFU/ml).

The installation of the EndoSan Guardian Pulse Plus dosing system after treatment has allowed the ferry operator to maintain a clean water system without risk of corrosion or comprimise to the quality of water supplied to crew and passengers on board.



Star International
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