Endo Enterprises win a prestigious award at the annual Combating Legionella and Water Treatment awards 2017.

EndoSan wins Legionella Product of the Year


The Combating Legionella and Water Treatment awards, which are part of the inaugural Indoor Air Quality and Water Safety (IAQWS) conference, took place over the 14th and 15th September 2017 at Villa Park in Birmingham. Building on the decade-long success of its Combating Legionella and Water Treatment conferences, H&V News aimed to bring a wider discussion on the challenges that engineers and estates managers currently face maintaining & complying with regulation within public and private buildings.

This year the conference covered all aspects of best practice regarding indoor air quality in addition to the ongoing challenges in compliance, prevention, and treatment of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. The IAQWS conference is the ideal platform for Endo Enterprises to meet new and existing clients within the industry.

EndoSan is the most advanced, highly developed and accredited, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide product on the global market which is highly effective in improving water quality and treatment of Legionella.

Paul Walsh – EndoSan Product Manager stated:

“Our sponsorship of the IAQWS conference and awards underlines our commitment to contributing and sharing the latest developments in legislation, best practice and technology. This industry recognition is most valuable to our growing business”.

At the close of the first day, the Combating Legionella and Water Treatment awards ceremony began presenting accolades and giving recognition to companies and products that had made a real difference in the field of water treatment over the last year. Our EndoSan product was selected as a finalist in the category of Product of the Year: Chemical Solution.

The shortlisting of EndoSan as a finalist was based on the significant successes the product has been delivering in the field of water treatment. The case study of a unique rainwater harvesting disinfection project, designed and delivered in partnership with SPIE UK, showed the judges that not only is EndoSan highly effective in controlling the quality of water, but is also very flexible and lends itself to a wide spectrum of applications.

The project in question required a scalable, cost-effective, environmentally sound and chlorine free solution to disinfecting harvested rainwater in a large site managed by SPIE UK. The solution, which was custom designed by Steve Austin of SPIE UK and Paul Walsh of Endo Enterprises, was first discussed at the Combating Legionella conference 2015. It is the first of its kind using stabilised hydrogen peroxide and features a smart dosing and monitoring system which accurately measures peroxide levels and automatically adjusts the dosing levels as required. EndoSan is the ideal disinfectant for this solution due to its unique stability and efficacy at very low concentrations while being non-corrosive.